Advantages Of Using Hyper-Threading Technology

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You may have already have heard about the term hyper-threading or you may even already using this type of technology but you are unaware of the advantages and benefits that it may bring you. Here are some of the things that you should know so that you may be able to know more about the technology called hyper-threading.

Hyper-threading is actually a term being used in computer processing systems. There are actually several types of computer processors and some of them use this type of technology; hyper-threading. Computer processors may be divided into two main categories and they are single core and multiple cores.

The cores act like brains which process the information that is being saved on a computer system. As we all know, two brains are better than one. The same thing also applies when it comes to processing the requests of the computer. If there are more than one processors working on the requests, this will reduce the entire time in processing all of the requests. As compared to single core processors, processors that have more than one core perform better and this is actually what we call hyper-threading. In other words, hyper-threading is the technology wherein requests are being processed simultaneously thus reducing the time the computer needs to process all the requests.

Older computers use a rather old technology – single core processors. In today's time, all of the computers that are being manufactured have more than one core. Dual core, quad core, and octal core processors are the common types of multiple-cores processor systems that we have today.

If you are planning to purchase a new computer system, consider purchasing one which is actually capable of using Hyper-threading technology. But you also have to consider your computing needs, determine if you really need computer system which enable you to hyper-thread or not since you do not want to waste your money in purchasing a computer system that you will not really use that much.


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Advantages Of Using Hyper-Threading Technology

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This article was published on 2011/01/11