Common IT Problems In The Workplace

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We've all been there. Halfway through a document and suddenly BAM, all of your work has gone and your computer is next to dead and clinging onto life by a whisker. There are quite a few common problems when you are in the workplace, especially if your work relies heavily on PC’s. There are plenty of people you can contact for help, such as this site, but for those with minor problems here is a small list of things that always go wrong and how to quickly and easily solve it.

Blue Screen Of Death – This is something I think we have all come across at least one in our lifetime. It is always sudden and you are almost always typing something important when it occurs, meaning that you accidentally press something and it all goes to hell. There are several reasons why your computer would do this to you such as failing hardware, corrupt files, problems with drives and so forth. If you are computer savvy you can look at the codes to decipher what went wrong, but if you are not as geeky then you should consult a professional before doing anything too dramatic.

No Wifi Connectivity – As always this could be due to a number of problems either with your computer or the router itself. You need to make sure that your router is properly connected and that all of the relevant lights are lit up and flashing green. If all is well with that then you need to turn your wifi off and on, both through the router and the computer itself, just to make sure it’s not easily fixed. If trouble still persists and troubleshooting does not solve the problem then you may need extra help.

Not Being Able To Install Applications – Reasons for this can include not having enough disk/hard drive space or a potential firewall stopping you as it may think that the file is dangerous to your computer and could have bugs or viruses on it. If you haven't the space then all you need to do is have a clear up of your computer and delete unused or unwanted files and programmes. For firewalls you need to go into the firewall settings and either allow that certain application access or to turn the firewall off altogether, although this would leave your computer temporarily unprotected if you do not have any anti-virus programmes installed.

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Common IT Problems In The Workplace

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Common IT Problems In The Workplace

This article was published on 2013/04/27