Computer Diagnostic Tools - How They Can Help Keep Your Computer Up to Speed

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Computer diagnostic tools are necessary if we would like to check to see if our computers are performing at peak efficiency. More importantly, they are needed to get our PC's, or at least show us what we need to do to get our PC's, performing at 100% capability.

Basically, there are three different types of tools that can be used to help troubleshoot and repair computer problems.

· Administrator tools which are built into all operating systems since Windows NT/2000.

· Third party diagnostic tools geared for use by technicians.

· Computer owner third party tools. (Registry cleaners spyware cleaners, etc)

Administrator Tools

While using one of the more modern operating Windows systems, a computer user or technician can click on Computer Management in Administrator Tools then click System Tools. Once there, you can check the "Reliability and Performance" function tool of the operating system. Depending upon your background this tool could be very helpful to you. At least, it will tell you how much of each different important computer resources are being used. 

Of course, to a lot of people this information will not be helpful. I have to admit; to me the information in "Reliability and Performance" is usually not of great significance. In fact, if a computer has a bad virus or a lot of spyware, this function won't even open up.

Third Party Diagnostic Tools

There are also third party computer diagnostic tools designed to help technicians get to the bottom of a computer problem. Some of these tools help a technician discover when a component, such as the motherboard, is failing. Other times, they will troubleshoot a problem with some existing software the computer is supporting. 

Even though I repair PC's every day, I very rarely put these third party tech tools to work. This is because most PC failures these days are due to the operating system not working properly and this is usually due to viruses, spyware, registry corruption or some problem with a device driver. So, many times, the tools I use are the same ones any computer user with limited technical savvy could use.

Computer Owner Third Party Tools

When someone brings a computer to my shop because it is acting poorly, the first thing I do is treat it like I was the customer but I had a complete suite of computer user tools. I will first run a virus scan with a virus cleaner that also cleans all types of spyware. Or, if such a virus cleaner was not available, I will run a virus scanner and a spyware scanner separately. Next I would run a registry cleaner. This alone gets a lot of slow, error prone computers working great again.

When none of these tools turn up a problem, I will run a driver scanner which will update all the drivers on the computer and eliminate any driver mismatches that may have existed. A driver mismatch will make a computer act like it has a spyware or registry corruption. 

Using computer owner tools is not difficult but will cure a lot of computer problems. They are inexpensive and most companies that sell them offer free scans so you can see which of any of them you may be in need of.

Still, computers come to me regularly that aren't even working well enough to boot to Windows. Oh well, when this happens it's time to boot to a command prompt and get out the heavy duty computer diagnostic tools. Unfortunately, some computers that are acting like this can only be repaired by reformatting the hard drive!

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Computer Diagnostic Tools - How They Can Help Keep Your Computer Up to Speed

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This article was published on 2010/03/29