Computer help: Why is my computer slow?

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In determining the answer to the question “why is my computer slow,” it is important to consider when it showed sign of being slow. By knowing this, you would be able to know why is becomes slow and how you can deal with it.

If your computer gradually slows down over a period of time and is becoming slower and slower each day, chances are your computer needs an upgrade or there is an issue with your software. However, if it suddenly becomes slow after running smoothly for a time, then it may be something that you have done from the time it was on its desired speed up to when it started to slow down. The key is to find out when you started to realize that your computer is starting to slow down.

Older models of computers are actually designed with a memory enough to hold its operating system and the application that goes with it. Only little memory is spared for any other additional applications and software. As the internet offered huge library of applications and software for every users’ specific needs, older version of computers is having a hard time coping up with the system requirement of this new applications. So if you are using older models of computers, the answer to your question of “why is my computer slow” can be answered by saying that your computer’s memory is not enough to accommodate all the applications and software is currently storing. Expanding your memory and updating your system can fix your problem. However, purchasing a new computer can be advised as well.

On the other hand, if your computer is running smoothly for quite some time and all of a sudden it just started to slow down than normal, then you must have done something to make it slow. Try to determine when the exact slowing down happens and then find out what are the things you did prior to it slowing down. This sudden slow normally happens due to an addition to your computer. This could be anything from a new hardware to new software.

In finding out a solution for your question “why is my computer slow”, start remembering the additional hardware or software you put on your computer. The problem becomes harder when you have made several installations to your computer.

If you have only installed one application to your computer, it is most likely that by removing it, your computer will start running to it normal speed. However, unless you removed everything that you have installed prior to the time your computer started slowing down, your problem may not be readily solved.

The reason the system slows down after an additional application is installed is that it may be due to incompatibility of the new software to the systems. There might be some system requirement that are not able to meet by your computer or can also be vice versa. The new installation may also be faulty or carries viruses that slow down a system.

If you are experiencing slowdown of your computer process, do not tolerate it. There are ways to determine how to fix it if you know how to. Get help and correct your computer speed.

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Computer help: Why is my computer slow?

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Computer help: Why is my computer slow?

This article was published on 2012/02/07