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Prevention is better than cure, so says the famous adage of old. This applies to all elements, man as well as machine. For a computer, it is safe to say that keeping it in tip-top condition involves a couple of factors. Firstly, a computer was not made to be powered on all day and night. As man needs his forty winks, so does the machine. Otherwise, one is opening up opportunities for unnecessary computer repair due to overheated elements within. Other simple factors include the weather. If its thundering outside with flashes of lightning, it is best to unplug ones machine to avoid any risk of short circuitry, burnt modems and hard disks. Data, unlike accessories, cannot be replaced with the exception of scheduled backups.

It does not take much to get familiarized with the basics on how to care for a computer. Short of enrolling in an evening class, there are numerous sources of information in printed as well as online publications to get the ball rolling. To garner better appreciation and comprehension of what it is all about, videos and tutorials provide step by step guidance allowing most novices to get by. If the DIY guides are not sufficient or one is not willing to get into a deeper pickle, sending it to a computer repair shop may be the next best thing to do. No different from automobile garages, it pays to get hold of a reputable place to avoid losing ones shirt. Ask family and friends for recommendations. If all else fail, ask a favor from the office technical support geek.

Short of actual need to tinker with the machine, repair in the form of applications also constitute this activity. With so much advancement in the field to care for a computer, many applications come with utilities to achieve the purpose. These tools are able to speed up where it is too slow, decongest where it is too full, remove and re-align to where things should be. In a way, they come along like miracle cures to give computers a second lease to life.

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Computer Repair 101

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This article was published on 2010/10/21