Connecting Computers Through Computer Networking

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During the later part of the last century, the device known as the computer was created to run computations on data. These devices were initially very large-one device would take up an entire room.

Today, though, computers have been engineered to be smaller. Recent developments have led to the creation of convenient desktop and laptop computers.

Many people, the world over, have computers in their homes for personal use. They may also have a laptop which they take with them when they travel.

As more and more people have begun to use computers for their own purposes, it has become necessary for them to be able to connect their computers. Connecting computers allows information to be shared among computers.

Businesses and other organizations are able to better perform their work by making use of data sharing. How is this data sharing accomplished?

There are several ways in which computers might be connected, and the sharing of data accomplished. Generally, these types of connections are classified according to the geographical area which they cover.

The first is called a Local Area Network, or LAN. As the name implies, LANs connect a few users in a small area.

Many small businesses that use computers to do their work use an LAN. The employees are able to share their information, and do so while using limited resources.

In other cases, the LAN will be used to create a client-server network. This type of network connects all the employees to each other, but also connects them to a server.

The server is utilized as a stockpile into which all relevant information is added. Thus, anyone with access to the server has access to the information that has been put onto it.

Another way in which computers can be connected is through a Wide Area Network, or WAN. In contrast with the LAN, a WAN covers large geographic areas.

A WAN can be used to connect distant branches of a business. Individual, smaller networks can be connected to each other via a WAN.

In this way, companies are able to share information across the country, or even across the open ocean. The speed with which information is shared is often quite fast.

The internet is a WAN with which many people are familiar. Your home computer is connected, through the internet, to information from all over the world.

Either type of network requires the computers which make up the network to be connected in some manner to the others. The connection may be made using Ethernet cable, standard phone lines, or power lines.

These days, most companies that use networks demand speed and ease of use. Such qualities are vital to doing business in this fast-paced, competitive world.

Recent developments have allowed connections between computers to be made without wires. Networks that use radio antennae to transfer data are called Wireless Local Area Networks, WLANs, and Wireless Wide Area Networks, WWANs.

For some companies, putting in the necessary wires to network computers would cost too much. Or, it may be that putting in the wires would be disruptive and inconvenient.

In such a case, a company may opt to use a WLAN or a WWAN. It is up to the management of the company to determine which option is most cost effective.

When it comes to installing the cables and making the connections, getting everything just right is vital. A company should probably bring in an expert in the field of computer networking.

Many schools offer programs in computer networking. The classes for these programs train the students in how to properly connect computers, and how to maintain those connections.

Becoming a computer networking expert can be a profitable career. Choosing the right study program will allow a person to become well versed in all of the cutting edge technologies which are used to connect computers.

If you are interested in computers and the sharing of information, computer networking may be the field of study for you. Most programs will not require you to have had a great deal of experience in the field prior to your enrolling in the program.

The educational programs are generally designed to help a novice learn the tools and tricks of the trade. Take the time to learn more about how you are connected in this modern world of technology!
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Connecting Computers Through Computer Networking

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This article was published on 2011/02/08