How to Tell If Your Spouse is Cheating - 5 of the Most Obvious Signs

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Dealing with a cheating spouse is never an easy thing. It can turn your world upside down and leave you emotionally drained in no time. That's why you want to be sure that your spouse is actually cheating on you before you get too distraught. Here are five signs that they are having an affair:
The first thing you're going to notice is a change in their personality. They might become extremely moody for no particular reason. This is going to be noticeable if they've been talking to their new partner. Chances are, they're going to be very happy, or depressed - depending on what they talked about.
You'll notice changes in their physical appearance. They may suddenly decide to get a gym membership and lose that extra 20 pounds or you may notice that they're taking longer to get ready before they go out. If they've got a new person in their life, they're going to want to look their best because appearance is critical in a new relationship.
You notice a huge change in their personal schedule. After years of predictability, they suddenly start working all kinds of overtime, taking more business trips, and you can never get a hold of them at lunchtime.
You notice suspicious behavior around the house. They're getting many "hangup" calls on their cell phone and their text message alert keeps going off. You may also notice that they take calls in another room or outside. Often, they simply dismiss them as work related. They may also start logging a lot more computer time - especially late at night.
Your spouse becomes very protective of their cell phone and computer logon. You notice that, recently, their cell phone never leaves their side and they've set up a new computer password. The bottom line here is that they're trying to prevent you from seeing those steamy text messages, mystery phone numbers, and computer chat records. Keep in mind that a clever cheater will always erase their cellphone history - however, it all comes down to persistence on your part - eventually, they are going to forget - and that's when you'll be there. If you're really lucky, they may have saved a particularly sexy message.

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How to Tell If Your Spouse is Cheating - 5 of the Most Obvious Signs

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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