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Computer hardware comprises of different components of a computer including the Central Processing Unit (CPU), keyboard, mouse, hard disk, monitor, RAM or memory, drives like CD, DVD, tape, optical and so forth. All these components are quite necessary for the proper functioning of a personal computer.
The entire computer is available with the above mentioned components, but its also possible to purchase these components independently from several of the offline and online stores. Some of the most vital components include the following:

Central Processing Unit: The CPU refers to the processor of the computer. Though there are several companies that create CPUs or processors for personal computers, the Pentium chip manufactured by Intel is broadly and generally used by most of the manufacturers.

Mouse: Its one of the most important computer hardware component and used for navigating on the computers screen to click on options, to select objects and to access information. There are normally 2 buttons on the mouse, one on the left that is used for selection and one on the right that is used to access information. There are various types of mouse available today which include scroll mouse, optical mouse, laser mouse, etc.

Hard Disk: Computer hardware also comprises of a hard disk which is a device used for eternal storage of data. The performance of a computer depends mainly on the rotation speed of the hard disk. The higher the rotation speed, the higher would be the performance of the computer.

Keyboard: Its also an important computer hardware which is necessary to enter commands and words. Every key in the keyword is a symbol of a number, an alphabet, sign, function and so forth.

Random Access Memory: RAM is also a computer hardware which stores information for the time being. Nevertheless, while rebooting or turning off the computer, this information gets erased. The computer performs better if the size of the RAM is larger.

Computer hardware also includes components like digital cameras, sound cards, scanners and modems. Different types of components are available and it might differ according to the type of the computer.
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Important Component Of Computer Hardware

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This article was published on 2011/04/06