Pros and Cons Of Traditional Desktops PC and All-In-One Model

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Since the release of All In One dekstops, the cutting edge equipment has caught much attention of computer users who are curious about its capabilites and effectiveness. If you are using a traditional desktop PC but considering to switch to All In One device,  then the below guide is likely to be worth-reading for you because it provides a description as well as pros and cons of each kind of desktop model so that you can compare and contrast to find out what is the optimal equipment for you to choose.



An all-in-one PC is a computer that contains the central processing unit or CPU and the monitor encased in a single entity.


Common Features of the All-In-One

  • CD/DVD/Bluray drives built in
  • Touchscreen capabilities
  • 4+ USB 2.0 ports
  • Built-In wireless system



  • Huge Space saver when compared to a desktop
  • everything needed comes in the same box
  • touchscreen-ability to operate computer from screen or keyboard and mouse capability for almost a completely wireless system (no more rats' nests)



  • No room for expansion or changing components
  • One thing goes wrong with a component very difficult to replace
  • Price when compared to a desktop, you pay more for the convenience of having an all-in-one


Desktop PC

A desktop PC is a computer that consists of the CPU and monitor encased as separate entities and are controlled with a keyboard and mouse combination.



  • Get more put into the system for the same price as an all-in-one
  • Room for airflow, computer will not run as warm as a laptop or an all-in-one
  • Highly customizable with components and accessories



  • Spatially inefficient
  • Takes longer time to clean and more effort to maintain
  • Purchase each component separately which takes time and knowledge



Desktop PCs, because of their customization opportunity, make the best choices for the gaming computer route. It is possible to add a lot more into your computer for the money that you pay for it with the desktop PC.


The All-In-One PC makes a great home personal computer because you can do any of the more basic home computer tasks such as internet surfing, video streaming, and word, office or business, applications all really well, and the All-In-One will save you a ton of extra space that a desktop would take up.


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Pros and Cons Of Traditional Desktops PC and All-In-One Model

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This article was published on 2010/09/15