Rugged Computer and Touch Panel PC for Multiple Uses

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The rugged computer and touch panel PC are designed for multiple uses. The internal and external design provides maximum speed and optimal productivity for multiple industries. These units provide the highest level of hygiene available and the internal boards within the system are designed to withstand extreme vibration without malfunctioning. Learn more about how this cutting-edge technology can benefit your industry.

The rugged computer and touch panel PC is available for multiple uses in multiple industries and arenas. Each high quality unit is expandable through the use of PCI slots which provide maximum productivity for the use in pharmaceutical manufacturing, assembly lines, medical facilities, machinery controls and much more. Each rugged computer is equipped with touch screen panel options. The touch screen panels are easily used in the harshest of weather conditions with heavy industry grade gloves and are designed for easy readability. There are multiple benefits and features available for customization pertaining to each industry's needs from food production and sales to pharmaceutical production. Each unit is specifically designed for the fastest productivity combined with long life.

The touch screen panel is designed with a completely smooth exterior and contains no hinging whatsoever between the touch display and housing. This is especially beneficial when pertaining to the hygienic needs of various industries including food industry production as well as the medicine field. The entire exterior housing is 100% hygienic and can be safely cleaned with the harshest of industry grade cleansers as well as with boiling water when necessary. The rugged computer is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, water, vibration, oil, dust, and more. The PSI slots are easily installed upon request and are designed to provide each user with the functions needed for their specific industry. The unit is easily readable even in the harshest of environments including glaring sun and rain.

The waterproof computer is designed both internally and externally to provide maximum speed and optimal productivity. These units provide the highest level of hygiene available. The rugged computer is easily cleansed without experiencing any damage. The internal boards within the system are designed to withstand extreme vibration without malfunctioning. The unique internal design of the waterproof computer put it above the competition. The software used is faster than Windows 7 and provides optimum speed and productivity for multiple arenas. This one unit can do it all from speed to productivity to extreme conditions. Longevity and high performance are experienced from each customized unit.

The rugged computer is able to withstand 1500 psi water jet pressure and is compatible with the IP69K rating system. PSI slots provide high expandability for each use and a number of customized options are available. Peripherals include: identification systems, printer, keyboard, Ethernet cord, and more. The uses of these peripherals provide optimal benefits in MDA, PDA, personal attendance acquisition, and multiple other applications. The waterproof computer is designed internally and externally to withstand extreme vibration, high pressure water, moisture, humidity, bacteria and more. The entire unit is completely enclosed with stainless steel housing. The rugged computer is highly efficient and long-lasting. It performs day after day without faltering, losing data, or breaking down despite extreme environmental conditions. Multiple industries utilize this high quality, cutting-edge equipment including OEM machine builders, manufacturing plants, machine controls, assembly lines, pharmaceuticals, medical facilities, process control, food industries, and more. Contact an expert waterproof computer provider today and learn about how this uniquely designed waterproof computer can benefit you.

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Rugged Computer and Touch Panel PC for Multiple Uses

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This article was published on 2010/12/28