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For some reason or another we all have issues with putting stuff on our computers. Many of us add more and more stuff the more that we get interested in. It is human nature to explore our world and wonder about topics and research things. Many of us get into trends and our computers suffer from it. For example, some people will go through a video game phase. For months you may play either online games or go buy games beat them and buy more games. All of this is what can harm your computer and make it slow. Yes we all agree that a computer is suppose to be a machine that works for you but what happens when it slows down so much that you cannot take it anymore. What do we do? Do we just not follow human nature and not research things within our world? Or maybe we should just stop trying new things? I think many of us all know that this cannot be done and that is a freedom as a human being.

Our computers get slow for a couple of reasons. The first is that we do install so much stuff on them that it takes up all the room our computer has. This really makes things difficult especially when it comes to large games with high graphics. All of these types of programs need a lot of ram and hard drive space and when you compile two or three of these games on one computer system, space gets limited.

The second reason that our computers get slow is because we tend no never take anything off of the computer. Think about how many times you consistently load software onto your computer. Think about all the updates that you load on your computer for existing programs. As computer users we rarely sit down take the time and say OK what don't I need on this computer? We tend to only do this when we have come into problems or received error messages.

The third reason our computers get slow is mainly due to lack of computer maintenance. People do not seen to ever think of maintaining a computer like you would a car. We look at a computer as a machine and as a tool for us but for some reason people don't see a computer as a piece of equipment that needs regular maintenance. Well it is and we have many tools that you need to use on a normal basis to help keep your computer running at tip top condition.

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A Slow Computer can get exhausting and put a damper on your experience of using your system. Do not be caught saying Help I Have a Slow Computer?

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Slow Computer

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This article was published on 2010/04/01