Use An Ergonomic Stand To Elevate Screens

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Laptop screens and desktop computer monitors are rarely at the proper height. Most often, these screens are at too low of an elevation. Working or using desktop and laptop computer monitors that are too low results in slouching. Hunching for prolonged periods can be detrimental to you long-term health, body alignment, and focus. Hunching can affect your body physique, exacerbate the onset of arthritis, increase fatigue, and flatten your energy. These health detriments can lead to frustration and an inability to focus.

A simple way to improve your posture, health, comfort, and focus is to use an ergonomic stand to support your laptop or desktop computer monitor. An adjustable laptop riser is a great way to improve your posture while working on a laptop computer. The best adjustable laptop riser both elevates laptops to eye-level, so that you can sit up straight, and has an adjustable platform for more height range and to adjust screen angles to decrease glare and eye-strain. When looking for an adjustable laptop riser, it can be beneficial to understand the pros and cons of the materials used in the construction of these ergonomic stands. Aluminum is a good choice for laptop stands because aluminum is lightweight, durable, and it’s a natural heat sink that dissipates heat built up by the laptop. Heat dissipation means that laptops can run at a cooler temperature, which has been shown to prolong the life of a laptop. Outside of the material (which is mostly an aluminum or plastic decision – with aluminum often being a superior decision), some laptop risers have built-in cooling fans for enhanced cooling.

Using an adjustable monitor riser is a great way to improve your posture while using a desktop computer. Desktop computer monitors are rarely at the correct height. The standard built-in adjustments available on most desktop monitors seem cheesy and useless (most of them just tilt the screen; but, they do nothing for the height variance). Often desktop computer monitor screens are too low. To raise desktop computer monitor screens to the proper height, it is important to use an adjustable monitor riser. Adjustability is the key to improving your posture since not everyone is built to be the same height! An adjustable monitor riser that raises desktop computer monitors to eye-level is a great way to improve your posture, comfort, focus, and alertness when working on a computer. Also, these ergonomic stands that have an open-space bottom help to de-clutter and organize limited desk workspaces by raising monitors off the desk surface. This additional work space is a great place to store documents, desk materials or other items. Not only will your adjustable monitor riser improve your posture and health while using a desktop computer, it will also add a second level to your workspace helping you to keep a neat and tidy desk.

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Use An Ergonomic Stand To Elevate Screens

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Use An Ergonomic Stand To Elevate Screens

This article was published on 2013/07/02