What Causes Runtime Error in Computer Programs?

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Sometimes you are browsing some pages of a website and the program just pop out a message stating there is a runtime error. It slows down what you are searching or looking at. It could also be agitating to see these happening. However it is good that you learn about the causes of it and understand why some programs simply have it.


Runtime error often appears in a message box, stating some form of computer programming code or codes together with the definition on what is wrong. It is usually happens during the execution of certain programs. Depending on the error, the program or browser may close and blocked. One cause of this could be the occurrence of conflicts with the TSR, Terminate and Stay Resident Program in the computer and the applications. This could be easily resolve by using the Task Manager and choose to ‘end task'. Other than that, some software simply has errors. The developer or programmer may have not anticipated such error and had come out with software that leads to these issues. It could be solve by installing patches which the developers build to improve the programs. Yet another cause is the memory problems. This has to do with the motherboard and hardware of your computer. Best ways to counter this problem is to ask a technician's help as you might not possess the right skills to deal with these things. Computer virus could also contribute to this problem. It will harm the programs and other computer applications and affect the speed of execution or process. It will be helpful to often download and update your security software in order for it to be ready to protect your computer from dangerous virus which will leads to error in various forms.


When you encounter another round of runtime error, you can identify the cause and ways to handle it.


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What Causes Runtime Error in Computer Programs?

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This article was published on 2010/09/28